Numinosum Poland

The word is changed – as Galadriel said in the very beginning of the LOTR trilogy. What was once hidden and unreachable due to the Iron Curtain is now open and welcoming. What once was a popular destination, now became more difficult to access due to modern conflicts or visa regulations.

Poland is a vibrant country of still undiscovered beauty, rich in monuments, culture and music. It is a part of European Union, so you don’t even need a passport to come here. Poland is one of very few countries that have all you could expect from a country: stunning mountains, hundreds of navigable lakes, dozens of wild floatable rivers, last virgin forest in the continental Europe, medieval towns and the sea (which is rather cold, true – but has wide sandy beaches and fresh marine smell, that you will not find at the Mediterranean). Moreover – Poland is one of the safest places on Earth.

The country is linked with hundreds of international cheap flight connections with most of Europe, so if you’re lucky and book in advance, you can easily get to Warsaw, Krakow or Gdansk for less than 10 Euro. And there is yet another big advantage – Poland is cheap! You will spend 250 Euro for a 7-day ski pass in Livigno, but believe or not, you can ski for a week in Polish mountains for less than 70 Euro! The ski infrastructure is well developed even if the mountains are not as high as the Alps, but instead you will get an unforgettable atmosphere of rural culture of Polish highlands, better and incomparably cheaper cuisine and less crowds.

We are passionates of Poland, we know it well as we walked it across. No travel agency will organize a trip that we can do for you. Also you will not find those places on your own. Just tell us what you need and we will take you there: sailing on the Mazury lake district? Hill walking in Bieszczady, the wild Polish mountains? Horse riding in eastern parts of Poland? Visit to the less known but superb towns of Kazimierz Dolny, Sandomierz, Torun? Castle tour? No problem. Sleeping in the hay, Trying traditional dancing in Polish countryside? Celebrating Orthodox Easter?  Food tour around cheap Polish restaurants? We even know where the best local beer is served.

It will be cheap! We don’t want any money from you for the attractions mentioned above. You will pay exactly the price as it is – and moreover we will help you to find the cheapest option and eventually negotiate the price in Polish as we would do for ourselves. The money that you pay us is only for transportation – and we promise it will be less than you would pay for trains, buses or taxis. And much more comfortable.

We have a car – new Citroen C8, with 7 places + the driver. It has also a roof rack, so there is enough space for luggage. We are a licensed passenger transportation company. We speak English, French, Spanish and have some good notions of Italian.